Natsukashii – Driving East (Dead Bison Records)

“Their (Natsukashii) minimalist composition techniques prove that only a prophet of the quantum cycle may manifest this harmonising of intention. Β One could describe this previously unreleased cult album as ambient or new age, perhaps drawing similarities to minimalist contemporaries of the early 1980’s, but if you look within and realise you have never experienced this rekindling on a cosmic scale, it can be difficult to believe. The stratosphere is calling to you via frequencies. Can you hear it?”


Luke has worked as a professional electronic musician for the past 15 years.

He has appeared on over 50 releases on labels like Tigerbeat6, Don’t and Sneaker Social Club. He ran his own imprint, Bonus Round Records and toured extensively around the world, from the Berghain in Berlin, to Glastonbury UK.

Recently, Luke has worked with high profile companies like Ubisoft, HBO, ITV and MTV to provide audio for TV, game and advertisements.

‘Grow Up’ – Main Theme by Luke Sanger.

Β© Ubisoft Reflections


Dream Space

As a kind of physical successor to my Flatland Frequencies radio show, I am teaming up with some friends to put on a monthly evening of ambient electronics in my hometown. First one is this Saturday (23/2/19).

Nice review on Spectrum Culture!

Natsukashii: Driving East Nice review of my recent album ‘Driving East’ on Spectrum Culture Makes me happy to see a writer doing a bit of research (and listening!) and not simply regurgitating the press release πŸ˜‰


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