Luke Sanger – Ancient Pathways (Serein)

Risograph & Screenprint artwork by Ole Ødegaard

On Ancient Pathways, Luke turns to his modular synthesiser as the sole source of sound and arrangement. Whilst modular synths are renowned for their incredibly broad sound palette and for inviting experimentation, they are notoriously difficult to navigate when it comes to arrangement. Testament to Luke’s skill then, that he not only coaxes delicate and intriguing tones and textures from his setup, but also manages the non-trivial task of weaving a story and structure around them.

Captured in the moment, sculpted and manipulated through reflex and muscle memory, the sounds summoned for Ancient Pathways are far from the standard fare. While no-one could deny their electronic origins, the sounds are alive with variation, impurities and tiny details. Each piece feels like a focussed and deliberate study, an exercise in coaxing and unearthing, finding those rich veins where rhythm, tone and timbre coalesce into something  especially pleasing. These forms are captured and magnified before being allowed to morph into something else, the process beginning again.

Onyx Pyramid Cassettes – First Look

“The endless horizon of the flatland [frequencies] let’syou create your own landscape and map it with psychicley lines.” – Andrew Weatherall Onyx Pyramid – in shops August 23rd. Cassette and digital via Dead Bison (Hypercolour Records)

Acidelika Festival 2019 (CZ)

Acidelika Festival (CZ) 2019. Beautiful location, great sound and people. Thanks for having me back x Czech out their fb page for more pics of the amazing party!


Luke has worked as a professional electronic musician for the past 15+ years.

He has appeared on over 50 releases on labels like Tigerbeat6, Don’t and Sneaker Social Club. He ran his own imprint, Bonus Round Records and toured extensively around the world, from the Berghain in Berlin, to Glastonbury UK.

Recently, Luke has worked with high profile companies like Ubisoft, HBO, BBC, ITV and MTV to provide audio for TV, game and advertisements.

‘Grow Up’ – Main Theme by Luke Sanger.

© Ubisoft Reflections


Luke Sanger (2017 – 2019)

Duke Slammer (2011 – 2019)

Luke’s Anger (2004 – 2019)

Bebop & Rocksteady (collab with Ben Pest) (2013)