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Luke has worked as a professional electronic musician for the past 15 years.

He has appeared on over 50 releases on labels like Tigerbeat6, Don’t and Sneaker Social Club. He ran his own imprint, Bonus Round Records and toured extensively around the world, from the Berghain in Berlin, to Glastonbury UK.

Recently, Luke has worked with high profile companies like Ubisoft, HBO, ITV and MTV to provide audio for TV, game and advertisements.

Equally comfortable programming, playing guitar or keys, his Norwich-based studio has access to most standard western instruments, percussion instruments and a plethora of analogue synths, modular gear and drum machines.

‘Grow Up’ – Main Theme by Luke Sanger.

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Late Night Lumbering || Make Noise René & Pressure Points Jam

Patch Notes: Pressure Points CV through Disting running quantiser algorythm and into DPO OSC 1. René QCV out to DPO OSC 2. DPO  OSC 1 Sine into Optomix, OSC 1 Tri into Moddemix. OSC 2 Final intoOptomix. Final wave shape and angle paramenters are modulated by Wogglebug to give movement. Tempi Provides clock divisions to Maths, Wogglebug …


Luke Sanger

Duke Slammer

Luke’s Anger

Bebop & Rocksteady (collab with Ben Pest)