With nearly two decades involved with music and technology, Sanger relentlessly re-invents the audio world surrounding him. Graduating from BathSpa University with a degree in creative music technology during the embryonic times of MaxMSP and the mass migration to computers for digital signal processing, he has since absorbed the subsequent advances in sound technology. Currently immersing himself in the second wave of modular synthesis and even coding his own applications.

Although his formative releases could be loosely identified as ‘techno’, in reality Sanger’s overall musical output spans the entire gamut. From elektronische and musique concrète inspired sound research, to live experimental techno (a scene he’s been involved in around Europe for many years). 

In recent times, his productions have found their way into video games for companies like Ubisoft, major TV productions and film scores. He continues to perform worldwide (until the pandemic hit at least), from live synth improvisations in art galleries and churches, to playing Europes underground techno clubs, notably having multiple appearances at Berghain/PanoramaBar, Berlin.

‘Grow Up’ – Main Theme by Luke Sanger.

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