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  • Streaming Premiere: Pulled By Tide

  • Ambient Drone Radio

    I’ve started archiving my radio show, ‘Flatland Frequencies’ onto youtube. It’s a long process as I am creating HD computer graphics to accompany the music, so rendering and uploading each 2 hour show is taking a few hours. Hopefully this will be worth the time and the music can ultimately reach a wider audience. Channel:…

  • Late Night Lumbering || Make Noise René & Pressure Points Jam

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iczHicbiSo Patch Notes: Pressure Points CV through Disting running quantiser algorythm and into DPO OSC 1. René QCV out to DPO OSC 2. DPO  OSC 1 Sine into Optomix, OSC 1 Tri into Moddemix. OSC 2 Final intoOptomix. Final wave shape and angle paramenters are modulated by Wogglebug to give movement. Tempi Provides clock divisions to Maths,…

  • Carpet Cosmos || Make Noise DPO Counterpoint Exercise

    Following my post about the addition of the Expert Sleepers Disting, I made a video to show how I intend to utilise the quantiser feature. Basically enabling me to run concurrent melodies out of the DPO to create a counterpoint.

  • New Library Album: Ambient Design

    New Library Album: Ambient Design

    A new album of ambient music I composed for Synctracks library is live on their website now! The majority of this album was composed using the Make Noise Shared System, with the 4ms SMR module. Have a listen here    

  • Mighty Morphin Resonators

    Mighty Morphin Resonators

    The 4ms Spectral Morphing Resonator (SMR) is possibly my favourite module in my eurorack rig. It gets a lot of use. So naturally, I was buzzing to try out the new software emulation by Softube. The version I got to review also has all the other Softube modules bundled with the modular plugin, so it…