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  • Spaced Out Sounds with Spitfire Audio: Kepler Orchestra

    Complex poly rhythms? Cyclical scales? Inspired by Terry Riley and Philip Glass? That was more than enough to get me interested.. Along with the Johannes Kepler title reference, it felt like this sample library was made specifically for my own tastes! Spitfire Audio’s KEPLER ORCHESTRA — like many of their top tier libraries (such as the […]

  • Psychotic Strings and Haunting Horns, with Spitfire’s Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit

    To kick off the reviews section I was keen to get something really juicy to feature, and well, it doesn’t get much more succulent than a new orchestral library inspired by the works of legendary composer Bernard Herrmann. Anyone with even a passing interest in films will have heard the iconic ‘stabbing’ strings in Hitchcock’s […]