Eventide Anthology XI

Absolutely ridiculous! I can’t actually believe we are living in a time where all these Eventide effects are available in-the-box, happy days indeed!

Eventide gear has traditionally resided at the pro audio end of the market and until recently, existed only in specific hardware units, be that in rack or guitar pedal form. They are predominantly known for their time-based effects, most famously for their unique takes on reverb and digital delay algorithms. You can read a bit more history about the company in my previous reviews of the Mangled Verb and Ultra Tap.

Anthology XI includes 23 tools which cover all of Eventide’s development history. All 17 plug-ins from their acclaimed Anthology X bundle are included, with six new additions;  Blackhole, Fission, Tverb, UltraTap, MangledVerb, and 2016 Stereo Room.

There’s not a huge amount more I can say on the quality of Eventide effects that I haven’t covered in previous reviews. The sound quality is top notch and really speaks for itself, serious stuff.

If had to lay any criticism on this bundle, it would be on the user interface design on a couple of the effects. The Blackhole, Ultra-Tap, Harmonizer etc all look REALLY amazing and very inviting and easy to use. But in contrast, the EChannel, Ultrachannel and Quadravox are pretty dry and dull visually. I believe we are in a time where people are moving away from software for the experience a tactile hardware interface brings. Therefore it is more important than ever for software engineers to design audio plugins that sound good (obviously), but also look the part and are quick to learn/easy to use.

Here is a full list:


  • Fission — split sound into transient and tonal parts
  • UltraTap — rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge pad-like volume swells…
  • H3000 Factory — load presets from the original H3000 or build your own
  • H3000 Band Delays — eight, highly-customizable delays
  • Octavox — eight voices of diatonic pitch shifting
  • Quadravox — four voice, lower CPU footprintReverb:
  • Blackhole — extraterrestrial reverb
  • Tverb — Tony Visconti-inspired triple reverb
  • MangledVerb — good reverb gone bad
  • 2016 Stereo Room — classic SP2016 sound
  • UltraReverb — DIY pro-reverb effects channelClockworks Legacy:
  • H910 — original Harmonizer® and first digital effects processor
  • H910 Dual — two H910s cunningly ganged
  • H949 — deglitch, micro pitch, and randomized/reversed delays
  • H949 Dual — two H949s cunningly ganged
  • Omnipressor — comp/exp/limiter/reverse dynamics with side chain!
  • Instant Phaser — world’s first studio phaser
  • Instant Flanger — first faithful simulation of tape flangingUtilities:
  • UltraChannel — ultimate channel strip
  • EChannel — simpler, lower CPU footprint
  • Precision Time Align — precision sub-sample delay
  • EQ45 — circuit model of the Urei 545 parametric EQ
  • EQ65 — circuit model of the Urei 565 filter set

Anthology XI is available from Eventide at an introductory price of $899.00 USD until January 11, 2018. MSRP thereafter is $1,799.00 USD.


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