Get Mangled With Eventide!

Eventide return with another one of their great algorithms lifted from the H9 effects pedal. I first came across the MangledVerb in their Space pedal. It combined nice distortion with strange modulated reverb tails, I actually always preferred this algorithm to the more famous ‘Black Hole’ setting also on the Space and H9 pedals. This is part of a series of plug in releases from the aforementioned H9 pedal (you can see my UltraTap review here)

The MangledVerb can sound really epic and lush, great for ambient soundscapes and such. Then if you slap on some ‘softclip’ and ‘wobble’ it gets crazy quickly and some really nice saturated/modulated reverb tails appear from the fog, reminiscent tones of something Allesandro Cortini might produce. Set these parameters a bit lower and you get some nice subtle harmonic overtones.

Other, more ‘conventional’ reverb parameters are all present and correct, with pre-delay, decay, size and EQ all working to further shape the sound as you would expect.

In all honesty I never much liked editing reverbs on the Space pedal and I always found the menus and controls confusing (I’ve not personally tried the H9), as a result I much prefer using this plug in than the hardware. Another bonus is the assignable slider, I had this mapped to my Kenton Killamix joystick and it worked great for slowly modulating a synth for a drone piece I’m working on!

Eventide currently have the plugin on discount at $49, a small price to pay for one of the classiest reverb sounds around. Get it from their online shop



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